YOUR GUIDE, Jan Claire has owned & operated C the Market since 2009 and has been at  the Wholesale Markets since 2005. The tours are an interactive insider's view of Victoria's major fresh produce distribution centre, focusing on education, engagement and excellence. Specialised & personalised itineraries are a feature of the tour service and can be requested for any area.

Jan's workplace training experience, extensive knowledge, and understanding of trade at the markets and the Hospitality,Tourism, & Customer Service Industries brings relevence and context to the informative commentaries provided.

Let us know HOW we can assist with your next visit. Join us to experience close up, Victoria's newest major distribution centre and starting point of the fresh produce chain at Melbourne's Wholesale Markets now in Epping.

Business & Educational tours are a highly valued feature of our service.

This may answer some of your questions...

  • Do I need to book?
  • Yes...BOOKINGS for ALL visitors are essential and must be paid in full prior to tour.
  • How do I book?
  • Use the booking buttons on this website, phone or email. We email confirmations.
  • Can I book a date not listed on any booking button?
  • Yes. Not all tour dates are listed. Please email or phone to check.
  • When can I visit without joining a tour ?
  • The markets are ALWAYS closed to the public. Our tour is how those without contacts or an access card can visit.
  • There seems to be a lot of rules. Why?
  • Melbourne Market is a Private workplace, not a public market. Everyone who works there, trades there or visits must follow all the By-Laws in place.
  • When can I tour?
  • We can help most days! The markets do not trade Sundays or Public Holidays. Group Tours are on demand....Public tours in different areas are scheduled regularly.
  • Can I visit ONLY the flower market? 
  • Yes....On SATURDAYS when only the Flower market trades, we have a 2 HOUR tour. Sometimes we have a Tuesday or Thursday tour open for public visitors to include the flower market. Check our HOME page booking button.
  • Group tours can choose their own itinerary.
  • When do the tours operate?
  • General Public Tours are on request and specific dates, around once a month. Check the booking buttons or contact our office.
  • Business/Industry Orientation, Private & all Personalised tours are on request and usually available two or three times per week. 
  • Group tours can be booked whenever needed and in advance for best availability.  Start time is between 5.30am - 6.00am, as needed.
  • Can anyone join a tour ?
  • Tours are open to all persons over 15 years. Please contact our office for further information if needed, and for more details about access for those with any special requirements or limited mobility.
  • Can I get a gift certificate for a tour?
  • Yes. The HOME page booking button allows credit card purchase or contact us by email or phone with your request.
  • What's the difference between Group, Private, Industry and Public tours?
  • Group tours can request an individulised itinerary and have the tour morning to themselves. Priced according to group size. Private & Business tours (minimum fee $250), operate according to demand and on selected dates eclusively for those booked. Small groups and individuals are welcome on our General Market tours -fee is $55 per person.
  • Can I meet specific traders and do business during the tour?
  • Not on the General mid week tour open to the Public. On all other tours including our Private Business tours you can conduct business during the morning as we introduce you to those most relevent to your requirements.
  • How do I know which tour to book?
  • Let us know what you wish to see, do or acheive during your time on site and we can advise the best and most cost effective way to do that.
  • Where do I park?
  • The P1 visitor car park is available at NO FEE for all tour participants. More details about access will be forwarded with your booking confirmation.
  • Are these the same Markets as the one on Footscray Rd?
  • Yes. This market has REPLACED the other. All the same traders are now here at Epping. The markets remain closed to the public.
  • Is there anything else I should know?
  • OH&S rules are strictly enforced on site. It is not possible to join a tour after start time or to leave a tour early.  All tour participants are given the use of a reflective vest which must be worn on site. For safety, CLOSED SHOES should also be worn. Part of the tour is not under cover.
  • As a tour participant, you do not have the same rights as an acredited market user.
  • The site is very large and we now walk all the trading areas during the morning. Please notify our office if this may be a problem.
  • We are not part of MMA and charge a fee for ALL our tour services
  • We do not refund tour payments but may be able to transfer your reservation if notified at least 48 hours before tour. Ask for details if needed.
  • Tours operate regardless of the weather.
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We are proud of the service we offer....

The fee you pay is not only for our time during the tour but also includes our background expertise and organisation, and the preparation we undertake to guide you with our constantly updated industry knowledge. 

The history wall highlights some key dates of the wholesale markets in Melbourne dating back to the 1830's

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